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Huanghuagang Uprising

The Huanghuagang Uprising, also known as the "3.29" Guangzhou Uprising. It was the last unsuccessful uprising launched by the Chinese revolutionaries against the Qing Dynasty before the unfolding of the Wuchang Uprising in the same year.

On November 13, 1910, Sun Yat-sen along with several people who formed the backbone of Tongmenghui, such as Zhao Shen, Huang Xing, Hu Hanmin and Deng Zeru, met in Malayas for a conference on launching a decisive battle in Guangzhou against the Qing Government. On January 1911, Huang Xing, Zhao Shen and Hu Hanming established the headquarters of this uprising in Hong Kong. They were originally planned to begin to fight on April 13, but the date was delayed because of some preparation issues.

On April 27, 1911, the uprising started near Guangzhou Governor Zhang Minqi's office. The revolutionaries were hoping to capture him. However, Zhang climbed over the wall and escaped. The revolutionaries were soon outnumbered as they desperately fought the Qing Army in the streets. The uprising ended up in disastrous failure. The actual uprising was led by Huang Xing.

After the uprising, members of Tongmenghui collected 72 remains and interred them together north of the city in Honghuagang. They later renamed Honghuagang to Huanghuagang. In 1932, the total number of revolutionaries killed during this uprising was raised to 86. But due to tradition, people still call them the "72 Martyrs of Huanghuagang".

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