Cantonse cuisine

Cantonese cuisine originates from the region around Canton (Guangzhou) in southern China’s Guangdong province. Of the various regional styles of Chinese cuisine, Cantonese is the best known outside China. It is divided into three branches: Guangzhou, Chaozhou and Dongjiang cuisine. More »


Scalded Prawns

It uses Jiwei prawns which live in the Pearl-river delta in Guangdong province where the sea and the river meet. Such prawns are unique in variety and cultured by means of aquatic breeding and taste much better than that of other types of sea or river prawns. Jiwei is a term from Guangdong Dialect referring to dam... More »

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Shuang Pi Nai (Double-skinned Milk)

Cooking materials of Shuang Pi Nai are full fat milk, egg white and white sugar. The making of authentic double-skin milk is very strict. The milk is especially from the water buffalo milk. ... More »

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Dongdu Dashijie (Great World) Food Street

Here you will find the widest range of food in Guangzhou. The restaurants here are not too expensive and they are home to catering companies from places such as France, Japan, Turkey and Indonesia. With 40 restaurants along a street of no more than 600 metres, there is a great deal of choice here...More »

East International Business Catering Area

For food from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, France, Italy and Thailand, as well as many local flavours, set among elegant surroundings with more senior clientele, the East International Business Catering Area is ideal.

East Sports Road Business Food Area

This area’s name comes from its location in East Sports Road, which is 800 metres long and is home to 15 top-class restaurants, mainly serving Cantonese and foreign dishes, while a few serve food from Sichuan and Hunan. For good Cantonese food, Liyuan, Dongyue and Guangzhou restaurants are to be recommended. For more exotic foreign food, try Mexican Friday Café or Portuguese Macau Street.

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Guangzhou Herb Tea

Herb Tea is a regional speciality from Guangdong province. During the summer, it is a common drink for the locals. The main ingredients of Herb Tea are mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum flower, honeysuckle, peppermint and Chinese Lobelia. More»

Where To Go Tonight

Where to go tonight
Have you ever heard of the famous Bar Street? It is a place in the Fangcun District of Guangzhou which is across the Pearl River from the main part of Guangzhou... More»

Learning Cantonese

Cantonese, or Standard Cantonese, is language originated in the vicinity of Canton (i.e. Guangzhou) in southern China, and is often regarded as the prestige dialect of Yue Chinese. More»

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