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Three star hotels in Guangzhou

Furama Hotel Guangzhou
Guangzhou Haitao Hote
Guangzhou Hallbell De Fond Hotel
Guangzhou Lido Hotel
Guangzhou Sino Trade Center
Guangzhou Yuanyang Hotel
Liu Hua Hotel Guangzhou
Overseas Chinese Hotel Guangzhou
Parkview Square Hotel Guangzhou

Where To Go Tonight

Rick Mercer
Have you ever heard of the famous Bar Street? It is a place in the Fangcun District of Guangzhou which is across the Pearl River from the main part of Guangzhou... More»

Learning Cantonese

Cantonese, or Standard Cantonese, is language originated in the vicinity of Canton (i.e. Guangzhou) in southern China, and is often regarded as the prestige dialect of Yue Chinese. More»

Public Service Calls

Foreign invest consult hotline:83375678
Foreign complain response hotline:86689999 Fire accident:119
First aid center:120
Consumers’ commission:12315
Traffic accident:122
Weather inquiry:12121